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Did you know...TrackMan is for everyone!

Now that the dust has settled on the festive period, it is time to start working on your golf game to be ready for the start of the 2019 golf season. You may have seen TrackMan mentioned on social media, or the golf coverage on TV, but do you know what TrackMan is used for and how it can help your golf game? In my first blog I am going to explain what TrackMan does and how it can benefit you.

The TrackMan technology is one of the most popular types of equipment among golf coaches to improve a player’s technique. However, many golfers may not be aware how it works, what it does and how it can benefit them.

So, what is TrackMan?

The TrackMan radar unit tracks the trajectory of your golf ball from launch to landing. It is positioned behind the ball target line to measure the golf clubs’ movements from waist height before and after impact.

Who can use TrackMan?

TrackMan can be used by any golfer from complete beginner to professional. The simple format, real time and slow-motion playback and immediate feedback allows the player to quickly analyse their technique and how to improve for your next shot.

Check out how some players like you are using TrackMan.

How can it help you?

The golf radar can pick up valuable information about your club head, giving a precise picture of the club during the ball’s impact. With this knowledge, you can easily determine how your club face or swing path could be adjusted to improve performance.

It can also help you to optimise your golf bag. For example if you book a 'Yardage Session' where you hit with all of your clubs, TrackMan will give you averages based on each group of shots. This allows you to identify if you have the right clubs in your bag and with equal gaps between each club. If this is not the case, I am able to offer my expert opinion and recommend which clubs to best suit you, your swing and your golf bag.

With my clients, I like to run a TrackMan test that I have created, which measures the client strengths and weaknesses. It builds up a picture of where the player needs to focus their practice in order to improve.

"TrackMan can help the handicap golfer as they have more room for improvements in club delivery!”

Mike Malone

Practice with purpose.

Test yourself on a TrackMan Combine or create your own test in the test centre. Simply download the TrackMan app, book out my TrackMan and have all your own data on your personal mobile device.

My TrackMan Tip

A great test I like to do with the TrackMan technology is a wedge test. You hit 30 shots at random targets. The software will produce a handicap based on my results, as well as a shot breakdown so I know where my weaker distances are therefore identifying where to focus my practice.

Are you maximising your potential on the golf course or driving range?

We are all trying to make the most of our limited free time so don’t waste your practice sessions – try TrackMan!

Contact me now to book your session and begin your journey using TrackMan!

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