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Case Study: Optimising your delivery

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Do you want to gain more distance, with your own clubs and current lifestyle?

In a recent golf lesson, a player noticed they were losing distance with their golf shots and were keen to understand why this was happening.

Using TrackMan technology, I was able to identify which area was the main reason for his reduced distance.

The answer on the tip of your tongue will be club head speed, however upon investigation, the answer was actually ball speed which was causing the loss of distance.

Check out the results from the first TrackMan analysis.


Ball Speed is the speed of the golf balls centre of gravity immediately after separation from the club face. Ball speed can be reduced from off centre golf shots or hooks or slices. The delivery of the golf club is vital.

The key takeaway for the client was understanding how to manage his club face in a nature where they were no longer striking the ball with a glancing blow, rather a head on collision!

During the lesson we improved the players ball speed from around 106mph up to 110mph. With the same amount of club head speed. We also optimised the delivery of the golf club and increased the carry distance of the golf ball by 9 yards!


If you are not measuring the delivery of your golf club’s you could be missing out on maintaining your distance!

Thank you for reading, happy golfing!

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